Hero SEO Partners are the best SEO company for small businesses in Sydney will work with you to help create the strategy you need to evaluate your SEO plan.

1) Keyword Choice

We work closely with you to select the right keywords to increase your rankings within Google. This is a combination of volume, how competitive the terms are and ensuring they align with your business direction.

2) Site Structure Update

Following a detailed site structure audit our team measures how well your current website is performing on Google and check the fundamentals of your web page. This allows us to develop a personalized strategy to improve your rankings. In many cases we find errors we are able to quickly fix to get our client’s quick wins.

We then work on every page, ensuring they are optimized for search engines.

3) Ensure Content is SEO Optimised

Following a detailed content review, we work closely with you and make suggestions for content updates on your web page. We ensure there is the right amount of content, the right wording, the correct balance of keywords used and ensure regular fresh content. We make it easy for Google to know what you do, and for Google to appreciate what you do.

4) Page Titles, Descriptions, Keywords and Tags

There is an art to ensuring the right Titles, Page Descriptions, and Tags to ensure Google know what you do. This usually gets us quick wins as our clients often do not do this well. They often duplicate descriptions, which Google doesn’t like. We are experts at this and implement it very well.

5) Increasing Visibility and Building Trust

We submit your website URL to all major directories and also social bookmark your website. This increases visibility across the web thereby increasing your visibility to your prospective customers. This is an ongoing process, working with the highest ranked directories and continually building your reputation and trust. This is through the right balance of the below-trusted sources:

  • Business Directories
  • Article Submissions
  • Guest Postings
  • Infographics

Hero SEO Partners


Hero SEO Partners are the best SEO option in Sydney. We have proven top positions. We unlock the potential for our clients to get new customers through SEO, Social Media, Advertising and Web Builds. Contact us for a complimentary review.