How to Make SEO Work for You


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SEO is a race to the top of Google. The business with the best SEO capabilities and best team of partners behind them will win that race. There is then a second SEO race. The second race is the race of the amateurs, the race to get better SEO results than the other amateurs. Winning this race will get you virtually no traffic but it will take up a lot of time and make you feel useful. This is some advice for those who want to compete in the amateurs race.


SEO content is essential to being found quickly when people use a search engine. To make SEO work for you, you will need to do a few things.


1.      Include One Keyword in your URL

Make sure that you have one keyword relative your content in your URL. Make sure that this keyword is a popular with your topic. Doing this will help your website, blog or information show up higher on the list of search results. A keyword is generally something that people will type in the search bar related to what they are looking for.

2.      Use Hyphens – Instead of Underscores

Google with make words separated with underscores all the one word in their search results . It is rarely that people will search for words combined. Words that are considered one word because of underscores are hard to read and seldom make sense. Using hyphens allows the words to be considered individually, therefore making them easier to read and be searched properly.


3.      Keep your URL address short and sweet

When a reader can easily tell what a website is all about, they are more likely to be interested and visit the site. Readers will know if your site is what they are looking for. This makes a searchers life so much easier.


4.      Find Keywords and Phrases that Will Work for You

Working through SEO based on guessed keywords will not work. Speak to Hero SEO partners to find out which keywords have the greatest volumes and which are the most competitive. When looking at your keywords plan what you are after. For example our keywords include Sydney SEO, SEO service Sydney, Outsource SEO, SEO agency, SEO consultant, Search Engine Marketing, SEO Packages, SEO pricing, and affordable SEO.