Content Writing

Content Writing

We offer content writing services for web pages, for blogs, social media and more that is SEO and reader-friendly and drives action.

We provide relevant content that is special for each client. Every business has a specific target audience and content should contain the right balance of keywords.

We work with our clients so we know exactly the tone they want to convey, the message they want to get across and most importantly what the overall goal is.

Content is written that is a combination of all of the above, being SEO friendly and also is easy to read, makes sense and is just the right length.

We always consider the 4 E’s when content writing

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Engage
  • Enrich

When writing for social media we CHARM

  • Captivate attention
  • Hook Emotions
  • Advance trust
  • Radiate desire
  • Motivate action