Digital Challenges

There are plenty of situations where SEO can work exceptionally well to grow a business. Here are the times when it should not be used and what to do instead.

There are plenty of free things you can do to drive SEO for your business. What I am talking about here is about paying an SEO company decent money (several hundred dollars) to provide SEO for your business.

1) When you operate in a really local market

For example if you are a butcher in Strathfield there are only 20 people searching for the term Strathfield butcher. Some SEO providers will claim great results and you may be happy, but you won’t realise that there are very few searches, so why bother.

Solution: Use Google Adwords and send them to a good landing page. Eg 20 clicks a month at $2 a click is cheaper than SEO.

2) When you don’t work with your SEO provider for content

An important part of SEO is content. It really helps to have a decent amount of content on your home page (500 words or more) that describes what you do. It also really helps to add content on a regular basis, usually in the form of a blog or a news article, such as this one. A decent SEO provider will work with you to write content for your pages and your blog.

Solution 1: Either write ot yourself or pay somebody to do it for you.

Solution 2: If you don’t like content on your home page put it at the bottom of the page.

3) When you operate in a really competitive environment

Many businesses operate in a super competitive environment and it is really hard to compete in that environment. For example mortgage brokers. There are 10-20 big mortgage brokers who compete aggressively in every suburb. Often they will have an office in a particular suburb but also optimise for SEO in all the adjacent suburbs. If competing against them then it has to be done ‘full on’ for thousands of dollars a month and compete in a wide range of areas, rather than for a few hundred dollars a month.

Solution 1: Target a niche area, where there still decent volumes of searches.

Solution 2: Advertise using Google adwords or Facebook or LinkedIn. If you can clearly articulate your proposition in a few words and send your ads to a good landing page you give yourself a good chance to succeed.

4) When you are trying to disrupt an existing industry

There are multiple keywords where everybody searches for the one term. For example a start-up that is trying to disrupt the ‘real-estate’ industry will want to find people looking for a real estate agent in general (not suburb based).  They are playing in a really competitive area and will struggle to get better SEO results than the traditional players who have a big budget to optimise their SEO.

Solution: Advertise using Google adwords or Facebook or LinkedIn. If you can clearly articulate your proposition in a few words and send your ads to a good landing page you give yourself a good chance to succeed.

5) When you haven’t worked with a decent Digital Marketer, from the beginning.

Sometimes when talking to a business they think, when I get some decent dollars in the door I will talk to a decent digital marketer. At that point a good digital marketer will be open with their client and will let them know what is feasible, and it may take several months to get decent SEO results.

Solution: Talk to a digital marketer right from the beginning, even if you have no budget. A decent digital marketer will spend some time with you early on. Then months later, when you are beginning to have some $ go back to that digital marketer who helped you.

6) When you don’t utilise SEO in conjunction with Social Media

Many of the above solutions have looked at SEO and advertising.  Social Media can be a very effective, and often quite cheap solution to the above problems. They often work in conjunction. For example blog content can also be posted on social media.

Solution: Utilise content so you don’t have to write things twice.

7) You have a web page that is hard to update.

Many web-building platforms, particularly technical ones can be quite difficult to build a landing page, and so advertisers don’t bother and send the traffic to their homepage.

Solution 1: Pages built with word press and the plugin clean slate make it easy to build a decent landing page, to get better response rates from advertising.

Solution 2: Use tools and partners that make it easy to build an effective standalone landing page. Eg

8) You have a bad idea to start with

Often with start-ups they will have an idea that is just a ‘bad idea’. The beauty of a digital marketing review and an advertising campaign is that you can quickly work out if you can or can’t articulate a problem that needs to be solved.

Solution: If you can’t get traction then the answer may be to stop, or change, early on.


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